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The paintings of Marianne Pon-Layus depict young identical women who engage in sensual and aggressive actions with a lightness and sometimes sardonic humor. Definitely feminist, she presents situations in counterpoint to the expected picture of women in classical painting. Far from the beautiful languid and attentive mothers, she granting his characters a right to violence, envy, sadism and masochism. Cathartic and advocacy production, she wants to liberate the female figure of the heteronormative fantasy and of the ashamed of self by complicating the relations of domination. Aware of the double-edged on any representation, she paints women in ambiguous actions in wrong situations to let the interpretation open for the spectator, risk of being apprehended by the dominant social codes. This is why she changes the meaning and context of setting scenes from visual culture; pictures circulating on the internet, shooting films and television shows, comics, advertisements, illustrations textbooks, women's magazines and paintings. In doing so, she affixes deviance with planned social patterns. 


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