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Her work has been presented in several cities in Quebec and Europe. During the last two years, she has exhibited her work at Galerie B-312, at Galerie Lilian Rodriguez, Gallery Art Mûr and the Centre Presse-Papier. She is the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships, including the CRSH Joseph-Armand-Bombardier scholarship. In October 2013 she participated in St-Lambert's Contemporary Art Fair and the 18th Interuniversity Symposium in Chicoutimi. In 2014 she was invited with Eliza Griffith, Christine Major, Louise Dery, Martha Carrier, Lilian Rodriguez, Isabelle Guimond and four other emerging artists to a roundtable at Galerie B-312 about the issues of painting. She also participated in Nuit Blanche 2014 at YellowFishArt Gallery and the art center Les Territories. In 2015 she will be part of the programming of La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse.

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