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Federico Stroppiana

The photography of Federico Stroppiana is synthetic yet capable

of conveying specific meaning to an image using a language that

borrows heavily from all technical and communication medias. 

Stroppiana is an artist born of the electronic world/village. 

Within his studio, through television, computers and video camera

he travels at a velocity which could not possibly be reached

physically.  A static nomad, one who uses information technology


The result is an image which contains all the advantages and

drawbacks of the television language: it’s quick, flexible, fragmented and synthetic.   A new media where figurative images become abstracts and abstracts become allusive, without preconceptions and moral lessons.  Rather, a different view of everyday events and existences within their respective contexts. 

The work of Federico Stroppiana fits within those artistic currents

which explore the human existence/condition and where

communication (between humans) is almost exclusively filtered

by digital mass media.

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